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Sean Bone VFX

This blog details my adventures of an animation and VFX student at Falmouth University.
Currently in my 3rd an final year.

Having to work at a boring office job for the summer because you didn’t get that animation internship



I really hope I dont have to


Huzzah here is the monster at long last or at least some screen shots of him, A lot of people have worked very hard to get him to these final stages and we couldn’t be happier with the results, the Uni computers maybe hating us when it comes to rendering this guy out but i think it’ll definitely be worth it! This model was modelled,sculpted and basic textured by Yasmin Down (http://gashumonsata.tumblr.com/), rigged by Alex Watkins (alexwatkinsanimation.wordpress.com), textured by myself and VFX aka set on fire by Sean Bone (http://seantbone.tumblr.com/

That’s my work :) really excited working on this short film.